Premium Shop for Gameservers

Sonderpreis: (EUR 54.99) starting at EUR 49.99

This solution offers you a Shop systen to sell premium memberships or virtual goods of games!

Customers get their content instantly

After a successful payment the customer receives the ingame content instantly.

Credit System

Ingame content can be bought with virtual credits only. These credits can be bought with real money.

You can set the name of the credit unit (Default value: Coins).

Supported Payment Methods:

  • PayPal
  • Sofort Transfer*
  • Call 2 Pay*
  • SMS 2 Pay*
  • Paysafecard (manually) **
  • Paysafecard API

Using our optionally plugin you can send credits by creating threads, posts, likes etc.

*by the service

** you need to accept the payment in ACP.

Controllable credit transfers

Users can transfer their credit balance with each other. There it would be possible that a friend of a user buys the credits, because you don't have one of the possible payment methods available. After payment he can send you the credits.

To prevent fraud an admin needs to approve an transfer (you can set this option off).

If there is any open case of transfer you will be notifed..

Balance and order overview

Users can view their history of credit changes. There will be logged all payments and purchases.

In ACP you can see all histories of all users.

If there is a case a user payed after the payment process in the shop, you can easily approve the payment in ACP. The user will get the credits automaticall.y

Multiple game support with modules. Can be combined with each other

Generally we support every game. With our unique module system you can install games. You can combine games, therefore you could offer Bundles, for example: 1mio$ Altis Life Money and Premium in Minecraft.

Huge settings available

In ACP you can set many preferences. For example you can change email templates, payment methods and BCC of email notifications.

Also you can change the tax amount of your products.

Summary of features:

  • Balance system with many payment methods like PayPal or SOFORT or Paysafecard
  • Controllable money transfer: Fraud prevention
  • Customers get their ingame content instantly. You don't have to do anything!
  • SEO and Open Graph implementation
  • History of payments and purchases
  • Multiple game support
  • Huge settings available
  • General terms settable
  • Support of multi language shops I18n
  • Export function for your financial software

By default supported games:

  • Altis Life
  • Minecraft (via websend Bukkit Plugin or shell commands)
  • Battlefield

Information for you config

Languages: English, German

Compatibe: WCF 2.0, WCF 2.1

Does not work with viecode shop.

Published Versions

  • Branding Free License 1.0.0 (Apr 2nd 2018)
  • Premium Shop for Gameservers 1.1.3 pl 1 (Apr 2nd 2018)
Price including 19% sales tax