Teamspeak 3 Synchronization

This plugin synchronizes your forums with your Teamspeak 3 server, i.e. your forums data are the same as your Teamspeak 3 data.

In the ACP you can enter your Teamspeak 3 server connection information (IP-Address, Port etc.).

If you have successfully entered your connection information, it is possible to assign a board user group to a specific Teamspeak 3 server group.

Users can enter their multiple unique Teamspeak 3 IDs (like mobile phone or notebook).

Example: If you are in the admin group of your forums, you will be automatically assigned to the administrator servergroup of your Teamspeak 3 Server.

The plugins also handles bans and deletions of users in the same way: If you get banned (or unbanned) you will be banned (or unbanned) in your server, too.

If you delete an user, the user will be removed from all server groups.

This plugin uses the Teamspeak 3 server query functionality, so you need a superadmin account of your Teamspeak 3 server.

*NEW: The plugin adds user titles and user names to the client's description.

*NEW: You can set a cronjob to synchronize the user data in a specific interval

Compatible to: WCF 2.0, WCF 2.1

Available languages: English, German

Configuration: Socket connections must be enabled in your php config. Most of webhosters enable this function if disabled.

Published Versions

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