Steam Verification OpenID Integration

Using this plugin your users can login with Steam. Furthermore you can enable that your users must register with Steam.

If you do: Before an user can register on your forums, he needs to login in Steam to verify his identity.

If you do not: Users can verify their accounts later.

After this process the Steam ID, his profile URL and Steam avatar will be saved to his account.

Then he will be able to register on your forums with nickname, emails etc.

Users can cancel the connection to Steam.

A cronjob will check the VAC status every day of every user. The VAC status says whether an user account is banned or not in Steam. When an account gets banned by Steam, it will be banned on your board, too. (can be disabled in ACP)

Only certain users with correct group permissions can see the Steam ID and VAC status.

This plugin is very useful for gaming boards, which play games that need Steam to play with. For example Counter Strike, Altis Life (Arma 3) or Day Z SA need Steam.

Compatible with: WCF 2.0, WCF 2.1

Languages: English, German

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