Minecraft Plugin Package: Server Viewer, Avatars, User Profile Field

This Plugin Package contains:

--- Minecraft Avatars

The Minecraft Server Integration contains the Avatar Extension for free now!

Your users can choose between Minecraft 2D and 3D Heads for their avatars.

A daily cronjob will update all Minecraft avatars.

--- Minecraft Server Integration

This plugin adds multiple Minecraft servers (therefore BungeeCord Server) into the WCF. Moreover it adds two dashboard sidebar boxes with detailed information about your server and an own site with a tab menu for all servers with map viewer, descriptions and player list.

Sidebar types:

  • General server overview: Shows all online players and the total player count with server status
  • Each server:Shows for each server the player count, record and details.

All sidebars can be configurated separately.

--- Minecraft User Profile Field

To get the correct Minecraft avatar and to get the link to the user in the player list, your users have to enter their Minecraft nickname in their profiles.

All nicknames will be checked at minecraft.at for validity (paid account) and whether another user already used this nickname (you can disable everything in ACP).


Nice design

Our design is unforgettable and your visitors will like it!

Maximum freedom

You can change much design options in the ACP.

Server status: Online / Offline

Whereever you like to: You can set the sidebar box whereever you want to, and your visitors will see whether your server is online or offline.

Detailed list of players und information

In a clear overview your players will be listed with their avatar and online color. You can set group permissions and options for this.

Nice hover effect

Like in other sections of your board, you will have a nice hover effect with much information about your users.

Clever cache

We don't want to overflow your webserver, therefore we cache all server information for 30 seconds.


Records will be automatically calculated and saved.

Implementation Dashboard

We have implementated this plugin to the dashboard of WCF, so you can set where you want to display information about your servers.

Languages: German, English

Compatible to: WCF 2.0, WCF 2.1

Since Plugin Version 1.0.4: Connection to our encrypted www.atrox-dev.de API for the minecraft server connection

Published Versions

  • Branding Free License 1.0.0 (Apr 2nd 2018)
  • Minecraft Plugin Package: Server Viewer, Avatars, User Profile Field 1.0.4 (Apr 2nd 2018)
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