Fake Users and Activity

First problem which knows every forum owner at his best: There are no users online! Of course, nobody wants to join and write at an empty board.

This problem is easily solved by this plugin!

This plugin simulates user accounts with real-looking profiles, which are online and reading threads.

In ACP you can easily create bulk user accounts with have either a fixed or random gender and birthday. If you have enabled the Gravatar module, the default avatar will be a Gravatar. Therefore the profiles will look more authentic.

To get active users, you can add new activity rules. They set when are which amount of users online. Thanks to this feature you can set that many users should be online at day, but only a fews users should be online at night.

Guests can be simulated as well.

Every faked user has the following properties: User Agent, gender, birthday, avatar, unique email address, nickname and a password.

You don't want to invent new nicknames? Nobody wants to!

But you can easily generate bulk usernames by clicking at a button.


  • Realistic user accounts with profile information
  • Regular user and guest activity
  • Guests and users can enter threads and see the board index. The thread view count can be optionally increased.

To identify your recently created users, you can put them into an own group.

Languages: English, German

Compatible with: WBB 4.0, WBB 4.1

Published Versions

  • Fake Users and Activity 1.0.2 (Apr 2nd 2018)
Price incl. sales tax