Setting up Fake Users Plugin

  • Hello,

    I have uploaded the Plugin, Fake Users - and I believe all is working correctly, however I have three questions:

    Question 1: In the section (Box) where it asks for the Email of the Forum - (forgot exactly how this is phrased) - Should this be my Forum's URL -

    which is

    If that is not correct, then what am I supposed to type in there?

    Question 2: Checking the "Activities" boxes as to what times I want Guests and Users to appear on my forum -

    and "adding" Fake Users - Are these two separate functions? I mean, do they operate independently of each other ?

    So if I did NOT add any Fake Users would there still be forum activity by "Fake Users" Guests and Members due to activating the "Activity" settings ?

    Question 3: I noticed that in "Members" on my Forum, the added fake users I created show an option to click on "Email" - just like there is for "real" members on my forum.

    What takes place if a Real Member does attempt to Email one of those Fake Users?

    Thanks for any help / information you can give me on these three questions.